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Freedom: what public act is it if you an activist dont act with fists./ I remember ’94 like it was the night before we was gon see you all standing in a line to vote for polls. / They legalized da ganja so for mandela i rolled i hlahla(Rolihlahla) (“hlahla” being trees/weed)

apart from hate we were apart with hate, because we black and white you are apart so hate? its a new date today the 27th of freedom day.

Bring back Bantu, dont know what im talkin bout or who im talkin bout, Stephen… Bikoz we still asking was he beaten for what he believed in.

So where to(Soweto) with Bantu… I asked Sarafina, cuz Sara finna know that Freedom is coming tomorrow.

Are we free at last?

Hang ten Martin Luther King Junior, it went from seeing sumn as hectic peterson being carried dead in the past to kids still getting teary eyed to teargas