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The Best Bars Ever – Magents Heritage Day 2017 by Thei Thei


I would like everyone ta pack their braai stands away / cuz i got a heritage day special 2 four (24th) the price of any given month exSeptember / You ever seen a Zulu(meaning sky in English) in da skies(disguise) as much as ShAKA had an aka? / A double-edged Umkhonto weSizwe javelin thrown pierced my flesh to bleed for the nation and i don’t say this in vain but its… in my veins / Today embrace yourself as a cultural warrior / so are you gon WORRY OR (warrior) go to war. Just because you can’t speak Sotho don’t make you any less Sotho (Lesotho) to the tribe I’d still wear those MoSHOESHOE kicks like I just wore the same shoe twice. Open! And when you hold dat door-knobkierie find your way around the tribe without asking Siri. I went stompin’ the yard with my Esther-blishment(homage ta Mama Esther Mahlangu) of MaNdebele and colour patent it (painted it). Shout out to amaXhosa, I’ll give you a hint SA ka Khawuta… nah that was the Hintsa ka Khawuta Xhosa bozza king nostra. I’m set up for street fighter type venda(vendor) combat and serve guys punch lines like Aaaayuuuucan! Geddit. Is it that my Setswana blows your mind or, hold on, my bar sets wana blow your mind….