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In the blazing heat of a South African summer a motley band of artists, students, and sympathizers went into the streets and alleys of  cities across South Africa – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Soweto, Soshanguwe – and  painted the orange, three-circled Magents logo on bridges, walls, rocks, in  underpasses, in stations, in sports stadiums. And that’s where they left it.  Three orange circles with no explanation generated a great deal of mystery.  They went back every three months and added the other elements of the logo &  three men and the letter “G”. Then in 1999-2003 they began to place the product  -a line of men’s and women’s apparel in independent retailers. Launches of  the brand followed in 2005 in France,  Switzerland, Spain, Italy,  Japan, Canada, Vietnam  and more recently in the United  States.

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As an artist feels compelled to spill his core on canvas, so we let our ink spill on cotton, at times in the shape of T shirts & things. Here is how we get there.

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